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Music Composition

Touhou post-rock split EP
August 2018
impermanence and decline is my first Touhou arrange in two years. Luna Dial doesn't give you much to work with, but I'm mostly pleased with the result.
Thanks as always to my friends for always encouraging me to keep making music. Hopefully you won't have to wait until 2020 for the next one.
Touhou slowcore / post-rock
August 2016
Usually I have some kind of EP or album or split to release for Comiket but this time I had just one song, which is fine too. Slowcore sounds exactly as you'd expect -- slow and moody -- and I wanted to see if I could evoke that sort of feeling in my music. As you can tell, I really like bright percussion instruments like celesta and glockenspiel.
Touhou punk / easycore / grindcore / emo / post-rock split album
May 2016
Featuring 9bFOX, 死際サテライト, 堕武者グラインド, Find Your Way, and myself, with illustrations and design by むつつ of にんじん弁当. Wow!! I'm incredibly honored to have been part of this collaboration. We all met up in Los Angeles one weekend in February to hang out and eat a ton of food and then this happened. Double wow!! Super special thanks to Veto for recording and mixing my track.
Instrumental rock
January 2016
An album vaguely revolving around the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This was the first time I had tried to tell a story with music (though also accompanied by a webpage). Most of these songs were composed in 2014 but I didn't figure out how I wanted to make the rest until over a year later.
Touhou post-rock / post-metal split EP
December 2015
Another Comiket, another split EP from the western Touhou post-rock folks. I contributed one track, Crescentia, an arrange of Crescent Dream: an unused theme that was intended to be the staff roll theme for Lotus Land Story. How obscure! Actually, I just randomly picked it out from a folder of MIDIs and thought it sounded nice.
Touhou post-rock / post-metal / sludge metal split album
August 2015
My favorite collaboration! We sold physical copies for the first time -- I pressed the CDs while fumo ordered the case inserts, then we met up in Japan and handed them to Veto to put alongside his merchandise at Comiket 88.
I contributed three tracks for TOHO DUALITY. I have been told that Haunt is pretty good.
Love Live! post-rock / shoegaze split EP
December 2014
Between the catchy music, endearing antics, and the unwavering, almost addicting feelings of joy and positivity, fumo and I really love the Love Live! series. We wanted to show how much the series means to us, in the only way we knew how: composing music. Making walls/waves of sound was pretty cool.
Fun fact: I actually can't listen to 僕らは今の中で anymore without tearing up a bit.
Touhou post-rock split EP
August 2014
The first of many splits. I met Veto through Twitter a year prior to this -- I noticed some guy tweeting about Lævateinn so I said thanks and eventually we, being the only western Touhou post-rock arrangers at the time, teamed up to produce this split EP. The power of the internet!
Fun fact: spring of silver snow was mostly composed during lunch breaks at work.
Touhou post-metal
December 2013
For years, I wondered if I was ever going to hear a Touhou arrange done in the style of post-metal: as atmospheric as post-rock but with the aggression of sludge/doom metal, wrapped around a recognizable, powerful melody. A perfect combination, right?
Around August 2013 I figured, well, if no one else is going to do it, I might as well do it myself.
Post-rock / instrumental rock
May 2013
This is a collection of all the songs I'd composed since I started in 2010, including Oktavia, my most popular song if only because I capitalized on the Madoka Magica hype wagon right away. The majority of the songs here are post-rock except for Lawnchair (salsa?), The Jealousy Beneath The Earth's Crust (metal), and The Vagrant (Envy-style post-hardcore without the vocals).

"Music" "Composition"?

Sludge metal
December 2015 (all songs composed in 2014)
Sometimes I feel like making really absurd riffs. Also check out the equally absurd video preview.
By the way...
Q. Is it really a hairpiece?
A. I insist it is. If our trust truly is mutual, we will speak of this no longer.
August 2015 (all songs composed 2013-2014)
Every now and then I'll read or hear a phrase that sounds like it'd make for a fantastic title for some crappy song, then I'll actually make the crappy song. This continued until I realized I had made what ultimately amounted to the worst album in existence.
By the way... will we know the thrill of it all? The answer resounding throughout the world: Hell.....yes

Web Design

Game Development

Untitled Tower Defense Game
Other Projects
Project FLIPNOTIK screenshot 1

Developed using RPG Maker XP between 2009 and 2013, along with a novel written for NaNoWriMo 2010. I never finished it due to a myriad of things, including feature bloat, lofty aspirations, a constantly expanding universe, and a messy workflow. It did help a lot in teaching me about what I -shouldn't- do, though.

In Project FLIPNOTIK, seven friends are suddenly warped to an unknown world in another universe, with their memories erased. Separated from everyone else, they are forced to adapt to their new surroundings, with some perfectly assimilating into their roles, others struggling with their amnesia. Through various circumstances they eventually converge in one place, joining forces to seek out the truth behind their arrival in this world while attempting to bring peace to a land embroiled in conflict.

But what happens if they discover a way to return? What if their memories are restored? Would they go back to the comfort and familiarity of their home world, leaving behind their new comrades and responsibilities, or would they stay in the world that took them in and provided a new home, a new purpose?

With the existence of a power that spans across time and space... what if the current situation is the result of the same people facing this same dilemma, years ago?

Project FLIPNOTIK screenshot 2
Project FLIPNOTIK screenshot 3

Made using RPG Maker VX Ace in 2012 for two specific persons as part of a university club event.

The main character (whichever of the two persons playing the game) enters a guild and sets off on a mission led by my character. Along the way, the player learns various things about me in real life without revealing my name. (The point is to help them figure that out.)

tower defense screenshot 1
Untitled Tower Defense Game

Demo for iOS created in 2014 for a graduate-level mobile application development course. Uses SpriteKit for the majority of its functions, primarily collision detection and sprite animation.

The demo begins at the title screen and progresses to a tutorial level which instructs players to place a soldier unit, displaying a placement grid and a circle representing the range of the unit's attacks. After placing the soldier, the player taps a button indicating they are ready, and an enemy monster is generated. When the monster comes within range of the soldier, it is attacked until defeated. The demo then ends.

tower defense screenshot 2
Other Projects

Taco Sweats: A DoLoThroDo Story
Genre: Choose Your Own Adventure

Twine game revolving around DoLoThroDo (Doritos Locos Tacos Throwdown) in which your only options that advance the story in a meaningful direction (after deciding which weight division to enter) are eating another taco or giving up. You can do other things like tweet a picture, groan loudly, absentmindedly pick at some lettuce, read the nutritional info again, mentally draft a will and envision what sort of grave you’d like to have, and contemplate the thousands upon thousands of events in your entire lifetime that shaped you into the kind of person that would willingly devour several cheap, salty tacos for little-to-no reason beyond allowing others to take pleasure in your misery.

Genre: RPG focusing heavily on interpersonal relationships

You, a wandering traveler, arrive in a quiet town after a long journey and can only stay there for one year, which -- for ease of gameplay development -- is four months in this world, each season to a month. You appear once a week, so in total, you spend 16 days in this town. The overall goal is to draw spirits back to the town, revitalizing it and giving it back its color. Stagnation permeates the town while entropy withers the landscape. The game starts out in washed-out color -- as you complete tasks and befriend the townspeople, spirits return to the town, bringing contrast back to the screen.

Video Editing

"'Outrageous'" Crossfade Preview

For little-to-no-reason other than "because I can", I felt like making a video previewing an album of my dumbest songs (and one serious one).

The song titles are mostly based on my favorite tweets, images, and inside jokes, so the video reflects that. This was made using Sony Vegas.

"Gradient Birds" Crossfade Preview

Another video for another non-serious music album of mine, also made using Sony Vegas. For this one, I collected a bunch of silly pictures off the internet and... I don't know. I don't know what happened. This happened.

The EQ visualization was created via OBS screen capture of foobar2000, which then received a zillion different effects.


denshuto is a portmanteau of various parts of my name.

I started making music in the summer of 2010, fueled by my uncertainty over leaving for college. My first Touhou arrange was actually composed in 2011 but I didn't start composing post-rock/post-metal arranges until mid-2013.

I was once an engineering physics major but after 2.5 years I decided computer science was something I'd actually like to pursue as a career. Gradually I came to enjoy coding.

I've been making mostly-dumb videos since 2008, and video games (much less often) since 2009. My other interests include tricking (see below), rhythm games, and baseball analysis.

shaolin cross

You can contact me at dj at denshuto dot me. My blog is here. If you're here for reasons I hope you're here for (笑), my resume is available upon request.


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